From September 9th to October 10th the JNC crew celebrated its 25th anniversary in Liege. Famous graffiti names from the Belgian scene such as Jaba or Sozyone joined forces with important French writers like the Grim Team or the founder of TPK, Eyone. The gradual process of the enormous mural they painted has been reviewed by the blog, Graffiti Art on Trains, and our task now is to sum up the whole thing.


JNC is an acronym for infinite meanings: “Just a Notorious Clique, “Jouissance Non Contrôlée, “Justice ‘N Crimes”… different formulas that stake claim to a quarter of a century’s worth of prolific activity, by one of the first crews to have united the pioneers from the Liege and Belgium graffiti scene.

jnckingz_25_anniversary_mtn_jaba jnckingz_25_anniversary_mtn_eyone jnckingz_25_anniversary_mtn_sozyone jnckingz_25_anniversary_mtn_sozyone1 jnckingz_25_anniversary_mtn_grim_team jnckingz_25_anniversary_mtn_grim_team_2 jnckingz_25_anniversary_mtn_final1 jnckingz_25_anniversary_mtn_final jnckingz_25_anniversary_mtn_final3

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