Color Ba is a regenerative project in the La Boca neighborhood of Buenos Aires. Artists like Nase PopGordo Pelota, or Reka have been brought together to participate in an initiative in which Zosen and Mina Hamada have also been invited. The video presentation of their artistic mural proposal also serves as an announcement for their upcoming exhibition that will inaugurate tomorrow, November 3rd at Kosovo Gallery in Cordoba, Argentina.

From their home base in La Escocesa (Barcelona), Zosen and Mina Hamada have been a nexus; a gateway for various Latin American artists who’ve begun to participate in projects and street art festivals in Barcelona and other European cities.

“Caminantes” is their first exhibition in the city of Cordoba and it’s an honor and great joy for Kosovo Gallery to be instigators of this celebration!

Pictures by Kosovo Art Division.

zosen_mina_amada_buenos_aires_2016_4 zosen_mina_amada_buenos_aires_2016_ zosen_mina_amada_buenos_aires_2016_6 zosen_mina_amada_buenos_aires_2016_5 zosen_mina_amada_buenos_aires_2016_3 zosen_mina_amada_buenos_aires_2016_2 zosen_mina_amada_buenos_aires_2016_1

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