It hasn’t even been two years since Montana Colors launched MTN Speed, and even so, this can model has become the preferred one amongst many writers, and it’s not just because of its value in quality-vs-price.
Bernat Escoriuela, with the help of Montana Shop Barcelona, has taken some time to follow around some of the most notable MTN Speed users in the Catalan capital. These action packed sessions that he’s captured are now viewable on our screens in a handful of videos charged with excitement.
The first protagonist from this series is Ansyar, who takes us to the bowels of this very city to paint two spectacular pieces.

Soundtrack: KDELLThe day I said her goodbye at the subway station.

go_fast_or_go_home_ansyar_mtn_speed_4 go_fast_or_go_home_ansyar_mtn_speed_3 go_fast_or_go_home_ansyar_mtn_speed_2 go_fast_or_go_home_ansyar_mtn_speed_

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