We got a hold of a full report from Belgrades latest graffiti festival in images, and with a video. We will show you a recap of pictures. The event was organized by the Paint Kartel platform, a organization made out of true graffiti addicts and graff heads with a great variety of styles. The Serbian graff scene is booming and blooming…

united_colors_of_belgrade_mtn_1 united_colors_of_belgrade_mtn_4 united_colors_of_belgrade_mtn_5 united_colors_of_belgrade_mtn_6 united_colors_of_belgrade_mtn_8 united_colors_of_belgrade_mtn_10 united_colors_of_belgrade_mtn_11 united_colors_of_belgrade_mtn_9 united_colors_of_belgrade_mtn_12 united_colors_of_belgrade_mtn_ united_colors_of_belgrade_mtn_2 united_colors_of_belgrade_mtn_7 united_colors_of_belgrade_mtn_jynk united_colors_of_belgrade_mtn_sarin united_colors_of_belgrade_mtn_mise united_colors_of_belgrade_mtn_metod united_colors_of_belgrade_mtn_japon united_colors_of_belgrade_mtn_hope united_colors_of_belgrade_mtn_eko united_colors_of_belgrade_mtn_demon

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