For the second consecutive year in a row, Montana Colors is once again present at La Festa dels Súpers, the annual festival dedicated to kids, organized by the Super3 television channel. It was an excellent opportunity to encourage the young ones to get creative, with a little help from the MTN products that are most apt for kids’ use such as the MTN Water Based 100 paints. The walls of the stand made up of MTN Puzzl6 boxes were painted by Kamil Escruela on this occasion, and meanwhile, participants decorated their cardboard piglets. David B Rock captured the whole fun experience in this video.

 la_festa-dels_supers_2016_mtn_4 la_festa-dels_supers_2016_mtn_8 la_festa-dels_supers_2016_mtn_7 la_festa-dels_supers_2016_mtn_5 la_festa-dels_supers_2016_mtn_2 la_festa-dels_supers_2016_mtn_3 la_festa-dels_supers_2016_mtn_6 la_festa-dels_supers_2016_mtn_1

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