Until January 21st, the New York gallery Eric Firestone presents, “Henry Chalfant: 1980”. The exhibition is dedicated to the exploration of a crucial year in the history of New York through images by one of the most emblematic graffiti photographers. The show presents 150 photographs of subway cars, of which many are being unveiled for the first time in this exhibition. Succulent historical archives from the golden age of graffiti.

Chalfant’s early recognition and diligent attention of this bourgeoning writing scene led him to photograph it and maintain the most comprehensive archive of subway art, documenting the work of significant writers including BLADE, CRASH, DAZE, DONDI, FUTURA, KEL, LEE, MARE, MITCH, NOC, REVOLT, SEEN, SKEME.

henry_chalfant_1980_mtn_blade henry_chalfant_1980_mtn_mad_pj henry_chalfant_1980_mtn_revolt henry_chalfant_1980_mtn_comet henry_chalfant_1980_mtn_3

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