THE INK LINK is the continuation of the exhibition that was premiered at the Salón del Tatuaje in Barcelona about flash sheets done by tattoo artists who are linked to the graffiti world.


Graffiti and Tattoo art are two creative paths that, although end up at different destinations, often meet somewhere or another along the way. On many occasions this happens thanks to brilliant people who form part of both worlds; artists who trade ink for the paintbrush and with their personal styles, show us better than anyone about the complicity that exists between the two most important creative universes within urban culture.

Niña, Nacho Eterno, Polfish, Numi, Kuruone, Norte, Lugosis, Rodrigo D.C, Zoeroner, Eneas Cortés, Flash, Alex Treze, Tokio, Iñaki Beaskoa,Tomás García, Oriol LastMinute.

the_ink_link_mtn_zoerone the_ink_link_mtn_flash

If you’re interested in either one of these two imperishable alternative forms of art, you can’t miss out on THE INK LINK exhibition this Friday the 18th, starting at 8pm at the El Montana Cafè Restaurant. Dj Chusbu will receive you all with open arms on the turn tables. Refreshing Moritz beers and Jägermeister shots won’t last forever so make sure not to arrive too late.

the_ink_link_mtn_polser the_ink_link_mtn_numi the_ink_link_mtn_inaki_beaskoa the_ink_link_mtn_polfish

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