The event “Numbers Crew: Since Before the Hashtag” became a good excuse for Nuek, Toxic, Barfy and Heart to plan a visit to Barcelona. We could just imagine that the party held at El Montana Café and Restaurant would contain some intensive demonstrations of graffiti by the local crew members along with the Nordic visitors, all united under the same #’s.


To share the vibe of the event we have got pics from both the presentation and of the pieces made during the past weekend, which in the end seemed to involve more chinese food than pizza.


We remind you that you still can get your hands on copies of the fanzine “Pizza Hug” at Montana Shop Barcelona in Born, and you can also find a copy of the cassette mixtape through this link. And there are still a few of the screen printed shirts left for sale through the Instagrams of the Numbers members and Roger Serret.

numbers_since_before_the_hashtag_mtn_4 numbers_since_before_the_hashtag_mtn_badmus numbers_since_before_the_hashtag_mtn_jump numbers_since_before_the_hashtag_mtn_margarito numbers_since_before_the_hashtag_mtn_sawe numbers_since_before_the_hashtag_mtn_mentos2 numbers_since_before_the_hashtag_mtn_iser numbers_since_before_the_hashtag_mtn_heart numbers_since_before_the_hashtag_mtn_guano numbers_since_before_the_hashtag_mtn_barfy numbers_since_before_the_hashtag_mtn_afro numbers_since_before_the_hashtag_mtn_1 numbers_since_before_the_hashtag_mtn_heart_toxik numbers_since_before_the_hashtag_mtn_barfy_ras_ku numbers_since_before_the_hashtag_mtn_seny numbers_since_before_the_hashtag_mtn_smuf numbers_since_before_the_hashtag_mtn_toxik numbers_since_before_the_hashtag_mtn_wet numbers_since_before_the_hashtag_mtn_shutter2 numbers_since_before_the_hashtag_mtn_shutter numbers_since_before_the_hashtag_mtn_tags numbers_since_before_the_hashtag_mtn_tags2 numbers_since_before_the_hashtag_mtn_ numbers_since_before_the_hashtag_mtn_nmberss

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