It is finally time to present the two latest MTN Limited Editions. Cryptik and Vogue are two artists whose styles represents the creative diversity of the United States’ West Coast.

Cryptik, a Los Angeles based artist, creates works of art that explore the realm of spirituality and consciousness. His signature style of calligraphy, along with his iconic depictions of deities and spiritual leaders, can be seen throughout the world, adorning the urban landscape and galleries alike. The goal of his art is to challenge people to think of other possibilities and to see a different reality; one that encompasses many ideologies, philosophies, and belief systems in order to help us better understand our place in the universe.


A writer and artist from Oakland, Vogue TDK particularly stands out for his exceptional technique as well as for being one of the leading exponents in the development of aerosol photorealism.That’s not to forget about his dedication to graffiti lettering; Vogue’s style can be found on all types of formats, ranging from large scale mural productions, more aggressive handstyles, freight train pieces, and even on the luxury car brand, Lexus.
He’s a genuine character with more than 30 years of persistent innovation and letter construction research under his belt, and it all attests to the Bay Area legend he’s become.

These products are available for USA in SprayPlanet: Cryptik / Vogue.

mtn_limited_edition_cryptic_box mtn_limited_edition_vogue_tdk_box

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