Thanks to a unique Japan/Spain connection, the RISOU exhibition took place in the end of November. The traveling exhibition led by Ring made a stop at the Voyage Kids space in Osaka and at BlockHouse in Tokyo. Its next destination: El Montana Cafè Restaurant Barcelona in the beginning of 2017. Stay tuned.
Up until now here’s a selection of material presented by Apes, Benit, Komsu, RogerSR, Soruto, Taishi Nishiro, Yubia and Zire among many other artists.


Risograph is a  graphic reproduction technique that was invented in Japan in the 80s. In short, it’s a mix between screen printing and photocopy. It allows you to work with few colors through grayscale just like in screen printing, and with high quality inks that give a very nice texture and finish to the works, all with the simple technique of an office photocopier.


Risograph was also a point of union between various artists based in Spain and Japan for being able to present the Risou collective project curated by Ringo () and the produced by Puresu De Tokyo . It boasts a first class line-up including names from the art, graffiti, photography and illustration scenes from several places all over the world who are all united by the two colors used in the printing: blue and fluorescent orange.

risou_mtn_2 risou_mtn_8 risou_mtn_1 risou_mtn_3 risou_mtn_5 risou_mtn_4 risou_mtn_6

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