Being a meeting hub for writers from different backgrounds is one of the most positive aspects of Art Basel Miami. The wall on which the North Americans Eskae, Hoacs and Sear shared backgrounds with the Danish writer, Soten, is just one example. We’ve gathered some snapshots taken during the process of the pieces being painted and ganged them up with some images of the temporary Montana Shop & Gallery Miami that we set up to bring our products to the writers at Art Basel.

soten-sear-eske_hoacs_miami_art_basel_mtn_5 soten-sear-eske_hoacs_miami_art_basel_mtn_2 soten-sear-eske_hoacs_miami_art_basel_mtn_1 soten-sear-eske_hoacs_miami_art_basel_mtn_3 soten-sear-eske_hoacs_miami_art_basel_mtn_ soten-sear-eske_hoacs_miami_art_basel_mtn_4 soten-sear-eske_hoacs_miami_art_basel_mtn_6 hoacs_miami_art_basel_mtn_ eskae_miami_art_basel_mtn_ soten_miami_art_basel_mtn_ montana_shop_and_gallery_miami_pop_up_ montana_shop_and_gallery_miami_pop_up_2 montana_shop_and_gallery_miami_pop_up_3 montana_shop_and_gallery_miami_pop_up_1

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