A magical evening…that sums up the inauguration of chapter VI of the Génesis project. The Metric Market basement in Barcelona was transformed into a a formidable setting for the Insane51 intervention.

This time, it wasn’t just glasses that aided in differentiating the two photorealistic versions of the paintings by the Greek artist: the lights in the party space made it possible to see the alternative views to the rhythm of the music, making for an unparalleled visual spectacle. No doubt, it was a sensational experience.

insane51_metric_mtn_1 insane51_metric_mtn_4 insane51_metric_mtn_ insane51_metric_mtn_3 insane51_metric_mtn_5 insane51_metric_mtn_6 insane51_metric_mtn_7

insane51_metric_mtn_11 insane51_metric_mtn_10 insane51_metric_mtn_9

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