This time around it’s Fisek’s turn to sit through Spraydaily’s interrogation. In accord with the tradition, we’ve brought you a selection of the pieces that were posted as well as some text quotes from this Chilean scene veteran.

“I do miss seeing more Wild Style on the streets but I value the variety of styles and that you see many influences at the same time instead of a ‘city style’.”


“Santiago is an urban chaos that I love, lots of stress in all senses of the word but a great place to paint, still, no laws oppressing graffiti a 100%. In terms of writers, you can see multiple styles of letterforms and fill-ins, you never get bored of it.”


“Watching Beat Street made me realize there was this thing called “Graffiti” that was a fusión of writing your name the coolest way possible, accompanied by a comic book character.”


“My experience taught me that the more tired I feel, the more I have to go out and paint my shit.”

fisek_spraydaily_mtn_4 fisek_spraydaily_mtn_





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