The Ono-u Festival was another pending topic for review that we had from 2016. A video summary of the event has just been published and it was directed by Selina Miles‘ masterful eye. The already impressive works by Bordalo II, Seth,Cranio, Okuda, and Peeta, among others, are even more so in the paradisiacal festival setting, thanks to this generous audiovisual production.

onou_tahiti_2016_selina_miles_mtn_bordalo onou_tahiti_2016_selina_miles_mtn_ onou_tahiti_2016_selina_miles_mtn_4 onou_tahiti_2016_selina_miles_mtn_5 onou_tahiti_2016_selina_miles_mtn_6 onou_tahiti_2016_selina_miles_mtn_onou_tahiti_2016_selina_miles_mtn_2

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