Dems and Sawe wanted to compile their adventures from the land of the rising sun in a book. “Toro – Tarantuala” consists of 56 pages with text in English and Japanese. This editorial project is now available for purchase thanks to the Infinity Art Project through the Indiegogo platform. You’ve got until the 7th to reserve your copy from the limited edition of 500 that will be printed.

sawe_dems_toro_tarantula_mtn_book sawe_dems_toro_tarantula_mtn_stick sawe_dems_toro_tarantula_mtn_text sawe_dems_toro_tarantula_mtn_signs sawe_dems_toro_tarantula_mtn_ sawe_dems_toro_tarantula_mtn_4 sawe_dems_toro_tarantula_mtn_1 sawe_dems_toro_tarantula_mtn_3

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