If you’ve paid any attention lately to Pro176‘s social networks, you would have noticed his wholehearted and constant work dedicated to canvas painting. But that’s not to say he put walls aside. So far this year, this master of gothic futurism has already forged three walls with that extravagant color and technique that characterizes his graffiti. Both three pieces made together with his style partners Nomad and Bios.

pro176_nomad_bios_2k17_opening_season_0 pro176_nomad_bios_2k17_opening_season_6 pro176_nomad_bios_2k17_opening_season_4 pro176_nomad_bios_2k17_opening_season_7 pro176_nomad_bios_2k17_opening_season_ pro176_nomad_bios_2k17_opening_season_2

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