Name: Bonim


Location: Vitoria-Seville (Spain)

Active since: I started to do tags in 94-95 and the first pieces were in the ending of 96.

Favorite surface: todo lo que se pueda pintar.

Personal motivation: 

Since I was a young child I’d take my parents to places where there was graffiti so I could see it, and a while later an older friend of mine started to paint and we began to do stuff. Over time it’s become something necessary in my life that I like and enjoy unlike anything else. It’s given me some of the most special people I know, trips, I don’t know… a ball that I feel will never stop rolling because it brings me so much joy.

bonim_fire_at_will_mtn_17 bonim_fire_at_will_mtn_16 bonim_fire_at_will_mtn_aroe_katre bonim_fire_at_will_mtn_14 bonim_fire_at_will_mtn_12 bonim_fire_at_will_mtn_11 bonim_fire_at_will_mtn_10 bonim_fire_at_will_mtn_9 bonim_fire_at_will_mtn_8 bonim_fire_at_will_mtn_7 bonim_fire_at_will_mtn_6 bonim_fire_at_will_mtn_5 bonim_fire_at_will_mtn_4 bonim_fire_at_will_mtn_3 bonim_fire_at_will_mtn_1 bonim_fire_at_will_mtn_ bonim_fire_at_will_mtn_azuki_logan_loeh

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