The fact that music and graffiti go hand in hand seems to be a common phenomenon, but nevertheless it’s still an exciting one. When creative power from both worlds collide there are no obstacles that they can’t hurdle. That’s what is happening just today in Barcelona.


Jarreau Vandal (aka Enza), producer, DJ and member of the Soulection project, is a connoisseur of the aerosol arts. In making the most out of his stay in the city, he split a wall together with the virtuous Bloke TDC, despite the drizzly weather. The result was a great production to heat up the engine before the show that Jarreau Vandal himself will do tonight at Razzmatazz.

Pics by David B. Rock.

jarreau_vandal_bloke_tdc_mtn_3 jarreau_vandal_bloke_tdc_mtn_4 jarreau_vandal_bloke_tdc_mtn_ jarreau_vandal_bloke_tdc_mtn_5 jarreau_vandal_bloke_tdc_mtn_7 jarreau_vandal_bloke_tdc_mtn_6 jarreau_vandal_bloke_tdc_mtn_0 jarreau_vandal_bloke_tdc_mtn_final

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