Since it’s been a while that we turned our sights to Dabs and Myla, we’re going to do a brief review on their latest pieces. The ideal artist couple stays active with walls and also, last month they joined forces with the man, Rime, for some of the most orthodox type of graffiti that exists: silvers. So, what moment could be better than now to take a quick look at what Jersey Joe has been up to as well.

dabs_myla_rime_mtn_ dabs_myla_rime_mtn_8 dabs_myla_rime_mtn_10 dabs_myla_rime_mtn_6 dabs_myla_rime_mtn_7 dabs_myla_rime_mtn_3 dabs_myla_rime_mtn_4 dabs_myla_rime_mtn_12 dabs_myla_rime_mtn_5 dabs_myla_rime_mtn_13 dabs_myla_rime_mtn_14

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