Ace One‘s sketches have a precise finish to them. Just a few glances gives you an idea about the care that this Italian writer puts into each page of drawn graffiti. Aside from explaining a bit about the process of his creation ritual, he went out of his way to dedicate one of his marker works to Montana Colors.

“Beginning the sketch is like going on a voyage to an unknown island!”

MTN outlines and micro spraycan

“Initially I start with the lettering in pencil and then replace it with the chosen color for the outline. Many do it after coloring but for me it’s important that the outline is perfect! Then I start thinking about coloring in but with very few colors that are associated to each other to give me the 3d block effect that I use a lot lately. I usually don’t use a background because my graffiti is very connected to the type world, but here the background retains the same colors as the letters in lighter tones. To finish the sketch I put in a drop shadow to give a nice effect to the whole thing!”

3d filled with blue. MTN letters using the same colors of the logo.  Graffiti colored sketch by Aceuno. full color drawing 'Respect' Peace outlines. Ace full color. Blue and purple.

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