Some names will always stay with us, even if the person is not with us anymore…
It has become a really horrible habit to say goodbye and honor the names of fellow graffiti writers which has made a difference on the scene and has taken part of developing a style in his or hers city, country and even in the world. This might also be a strange way of life telling us that this culture is becoming older.


Odem, which sometimes also wrote Sor, was 43years old when he left us this week. He was a classic component of the SOS crew (Inka, Bisaz, Shek, Arunski, Phos 4, Odem and Poet), and he became a reference for European writers during the 90’s due to his innovative creations of classic letters. He was part of the graffiti generation which always was seen in magazines and books, on both trains and walls, a writer which made a mark both before and after within the European wildstyle. As an example we can take Barcelona to show how influential this style really was.

If you can, we recommend that you get your hands on the book “ODEM, ON THE RUN”, and his fantastic participation in “SPRAY CITY, Graffiti in Berlin”, a book where he truly shows us the level of “Stylewriting” in this city from around 1994. You can also find various interviews online, even if it is a shame that they are not subtitled…

We let you with some pictures of pieces by this style master.

You can find more info herehere and here.

odem-rest-in-peace-graffiti-berlin- odem-rest-in-peace-graffiti-berlin-2 odem-rest-in-peace-graffiti-berlin-3 odem-rest-in-peace-graffiti-berlin-5 odem-rest-in-peace-graffiti-berlin-6

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