After a period of time off from painting which Scan has been forced to take, he’s back in the game and seems to be stronger than ever. It might also be blamed on his friends which decided to gather in Miami and share their skills with each other on the walls of the city.


Apart from a great variety of walls, some of the works are made on cargo trains, which might be seen as proof of how productive this reunion has been. Here is a delightful photographic documentation of the pieces made by these expert writers…

the-fours-in-miami-0 the-fours-in-miami-sear-action the-fours-in-miami-hoacs-actio the-fours-in-miami-dog the-fours-in-miami-trace-sear the-fours-in-miami-eskae-yellow the-fours-in-miami-scan-yellow the-fours-in-miami-trace-orange the-fours-in-miami-sear-red the-fours-in-miami-hoacs-pink the-fours-in-miami-fours-wall the-fours-in-miami-sear the-fours-in-miami-hoacs-scan the-fours-in-miami-hoacs-blue-action the-fours-in-miami-scan-paris the-fours-in-miami-eskae-first-lines the-fours-in-miami-eskae-purple-bg the-fours-in-miami-scan-purple-bg the-fours-in-miami-scan-orange the-fours-in-miami-eskae-indoor the-fours-in-miami-bushes the-fours-in-miami-skae-rainbow the-fours-in-miami-scan-rainbow the-fours-in-miami-scan-rainbow-2 the-fours-in-miami-hoacs-freight the-fours-in-miami-trace-freight-cream the-fours-in-miami-eskae-freight the-fours-in-miami-helm-hoacs the-fours-in-miami-hoacs the-fours-in-miami-trace-freight the-fours-in-miami-scan-colors

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