Snoe, the British stylemaster, is the next one to show and explain his Three Aces

“These are a selection of my favorite pieces of recent times. I had to choose between these and several other pieces I think are important in my portfolio, but these sit really well together and celebrate working with my friend and one of my great collaborators and partners: BRK192 from my crew The Rolling People. A really important person in my career.

  • The first piece, Beyond The Void, was painted in the Old Shoreditch Tube station in East London just before Christmas  2011 and was the first time BRK and I had really got down and painted a full-colour 2 man production on a large wall. This is one good reason why I like this wall: it was the first of many amazing days of painting big walls with BRK and painting burners that hit levels I had not achieved before.
    The piece itself has great letters and mixes a lot of elements and together that come off well as whole. I love the letter fill-in colours and the characters hidden in the computer fill of the O. The crank connection coming off the bottom of the O is cool in the way it becomes the body of the bugged-out crocodile. The psychedelic space background and UFOs is crazy and makes the wall seem like a portal into another world.

    All elements that make this a killer production that was worked into in all areas both pieces and background.

  • The second piece is a another production with BRK in Mile End Skate Park in East London on a freezing cold day in February 2012. Everything about this is right: letters, colours, character, background – it all came out how I wanted it to and better. I like the way the piece fizzes and bubbles with a lot of swing and dynamic movement, but also has tightness and lock. The character is based on the Nesquik bunny, but was given a classic gun-toting b-boy treatment that gives the piece attitude that fits with the inner city environment of the Big Smoke. The subtle colour fades sit well against the solid checkerboard pattern cloud in the background making the wall rock like real full-colour all spray paint graffiti should.

  • The third piece was painted in the Abbey Road HOF in North London in September 2012 with AKT YKK TBF, Mean PFB SBS and BRK192 TRP. It was a great honour to paint with these legends from the London scene and better still to really rock a wall that day! As for the piece, its all about the letters, I really like this outline with the asymmetrical break on letter O with a stone block troglodyte font. The colour fill, stripes and designs came together well and despite there being a lot of colours, they harmonise. The Ralph Bakshi warrior character picks up on the theme of stone letter O and compliments the Bakshi wizard BRK painted at the other end of the wall. Another great burner that came correct when it had to.

Peace… Snoe TRP GWR 2017. Shout to MUSA71, BRK192, SEKS, KEV, CEPT, SCARCE, MEAK and EGOE!!”

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