United by an over 15 year friendship, Saile and Fisek are finally presenting a dual exhibition. This Thursday, March 2nd, the Chilean gallery Lira will have the honor to present the work of these two referential figures of the Santiago scene and their different yet complementary styles. Both are representatives of the Stgo Under Crew that dates back to the 90s. With the support of MTN Chile.

“An important part of painting graffiti are the moments and the people that one gets to know while sharing something that few understand, and that makes it even more real and unforgettable. That’s how this exhibition was born, out of the fruition of a friendship and union that was brought about because of graffiti; painting together and blending styles and ideas for over 15 years. Since we traded blackbooks for the first time at Mapocho Station as a symbol of mutual respect, the result turned out to be one common concept where the important and original part was our complementary styles. Just like this exhibition.”

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