Night wanderings and spiritual journeys permeate time. Sensations that become fragmented into memories as if the human soul were made of glass.
Salamech combines urban fragments to offer a peculiar vision of metropolitan space. “Fragmentado” is the first solo show by the French artist in Barcelona; the city where he wanted to reveal his latest series of artworks on an original surface.

The exhibition inauguration will be held next Friday the 24th at 20:00 in El Montana Cafè Restaurant.
As always, Moritz will provide beers and this time the music will be courtesy of Gayoncé Rose.

“Salamech was born in Montpellier in 1985. 
Moved by urban culture and an intensive graffiti practice, he proposes a universe that comes to life thanks to the city’s power.
Being a street specialist, he proposes a careful and unconventional view of his surroundings. Salamech is inspired by everyday life and faces his feelings through a collective and nostalgic imagination.

Ripped posters, metal doors, billboards… the use of unexpected materials is at the heart of his work. Transforming urban elements, he overworks and manipulates texts, inscriptions and popular representations of contemporary iconography.
Through these words and materials, colors and overlays, the artist leads us into a dialogue in which impressions of the city are mixed with the poetry of the moment.”

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