People of this caliber does not need any further introduction, bit still, for those more new in the game EYC has come to introduce Musa.  Two basic questions was asked to reveal some of the peculiarities in her graffiti which before has not been as much in focus as the name and the outstanding style of this wildstyler from Barcelona.

“I understood the concept of finding a pseudonym to the superhero style, a secret identity towards the rest of the world, but It was hard to think of something which did not go along with who I am.”

“I like all bright colors, and I really like quite different and difficult combinations which are hard to accept at first sight. Nowadays I try to use colors which 7 did not use to like as much and try to see the “happines” within them. It is not always that easy.”

“Normally I think of a certain song or melody from a movie and I imagine my letters to be moving along with the rythm, this is part of why I like to paint big.”

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