For Chemistry Magazine‘s eighth delivery, the Dutch publication has decided to put out a double issue. Two approaches separate its international graffiti selection from a local perspective: walls and trains. The reduced size of the two copies is compensated by a detailed presentation on high grade matt pages that are hand bound. This type of finish suggests the issue’s artistic and sentimental value which goes hand in hand with the photographic components housed on its interior.

The illustrations on the two covers remind us of Close’s style, and indeed, the Australian John Kaye himself is the last collaborator in the one dedicated to walls. Eliote and Treze who represent with both walls and illustrations, are the other two artists who share pages with a selection of international pieces of varying styles.

As if it couldn’t be any other way, the train copy begins with a selection of pieces on Netherlands train models. The German trains, metros included, also have a section dedicated to them, but in order to get ther you’ll have to flip through the pages dedicated to the Flemish writer, Casius. The photographer Klaus Line also has his own section. To finish off, a collection of trains and freights from all over the world closes the curtains on this eighth issue of Chemistry; a publication that knows how to offer a special product within the dwindling graffiti magazine scene.

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