Crome is a British writer which, despite his 21 years of actively painting, shows us traces of the current London graffiti in his style. Spraydaily has gotten down with him for their latest “Hello My Name Is” section, a interview where he among other things declares his preference for MTN 94. Accordingly to our customs we bring you a summary of the update… enjoy!

“I don’t really want to name writers who inspired me. I’ve done that in the past about famous London writers and then I’ve met them and they’ve turned out to be complete wankers.”

Towns and Vibes taught me how to use spray paint so thanks to them.”

“London UK is ok for graffiti but there’s cameras on every corner so it’s tricky.”

“Every time I think I’ve gotten better I see someone else’s work and think ‘shit, Im rubbish at this.”

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