We continue on with some content related to a talented Australian. Selina Miles has accompanied Guido Van Helten all the way to Dubai where Red Bull curated a monumental intervention that was executed on freight containers. Introducing, a gigantic puzzle made up of 12 meter pieces thanks to Selina Miles‘ audacious eye.

“So the first time I heard about this idea, I thought, it’s crazy. I started thinking, hang on a minute that’s kind of cool. I’m especially excited by new challenges. We went exploring areas of Dubai and all I see is authentic and interesting. Hang out with people, see how they live.”

“As usual I just sort of let the concept present itself to me. The plan is I’ll be painting an image on shipping containers. The image is going to be painted out of formation. In the end we’re going to arrange them with cranes to reveal the final artwork.”

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