Graff en Méditerranée” in a group exhibition in the Mucem (Musée des civilisations et de la Méditerranée) in Marseille presenting the museum’s most recently acquired urban art works from the Marseille, Athens, Spain, Italy, Morocco and Tunisia scenes. Germán Bel aka Fasim, Musa and Xupet Negre are some of the Spanish graffiti artists whose works and objects form part of this exhibition that runs from May 13th to January 8th, 2018.

In conjunction, the MAC (Musée  d’art contemporain de Marselle) is presenting the exhibition, “Hip Hop, un âge d’or“, an initiative that promotes the relationship that exists between the different disciplines within hip-hop through a collection of documents, thanks to the work by investigators such as Claire Calogirou, among others, and Roch Boullier’s curation.

Since 1990 the Mucem has shown interest in contemporary urban practices, compiling one of the largest collections of graffiti and street art with some 1,500 objects.

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