Spraydaily presents Boons from the German town of Braunschweig. His pleasant wildstyle recycles flavors of oldschool mixed with new graffiti tendencies, as you can see in his quite original connections between the letters and different layers of outlined backgrounds. According to tradition his style comes published together with a interview where we have made a selection of what we found most relevant. A nice presentation of this fan of the New York Fat Cap…

“Braunschweig is a rather small city. (…). Only a few spots to paint and hardly the quality that it was 20 years ago.”

“When I’m not painting I’m working and thinking about getting money without working.”

“I paint for myself, some of my friends and my girlfriend. If they like it, everything is ok.”

“The permanent discussions with my crew mate Kube about style, colors etc. inspired me more than anything else in graffiti.”

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