Can Crafted, A Look Into the Wold of Street is an editorial production featuring an ambitious project by the photographer Brian MacElvain about the processes and spaces where street art takes place.

This generous publication which houses over 300 high GSM pages within its hard cover, undergoes an introspection on the work that hides behind each street artwork from a peculiar point of view: the life of a spray can.

Given that the conceptual focus of the book is on aerosol, the first part of the publication is dedicated to some of the processes that are part of the manufacture of spray paint, showing images taken at the Montana Colors factory.

From there on, the content is classified based on each one of the aritsts (Mar, Julieta XLF, Krishna, Spzero76, Philth, N4T4 and Never Ready Crew) who carry out interventions at different locations: The Mansion, The Street, The Warehouse, The Tunnel, The skatepark…

The six artists, whose works are interspersed in different places all over Europe, are captured by Brian MacElvaine’s eye in a labor intensive effort. He documents their working environments, each artists’ eagerness, and the passion evoked by each artwork all with the same virtuosity, and it is presented in an outstanding way.

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