Scien from 123klan also has three favorite pieces. Just like with all the Three Aces sections, he explains to us what made him decide on these three specific ones.

  • Most of my last pieces are usually my favourites, simply because I guess I try to fix what wasn’t good enough to me in the last one. But more than that, this piece reminds me a good weekend here in Montreal, when everybody showed up from different places to make a big surprise for our local homie Scan. This kind of magic moments always reminds me how lucky we are to take part of this great community and how lucky we are to dedicate our lives to something we love to do. I still believe, no matter how the world is a mess, think that our specie is dedicated to good.

  • When i get bored or get stuck with my letters, I love to change name to work out new letters, last year I did few « DOT COM » pieces just for fun. It’s great to explore new letters, I feel like a beginner with endless possibilities in mind. I rocked this one last summer (2016) with OG Slick and my son AiiK in Compton California. It was a last minute piece, we were going back to Montreal the next day, but this day, it wasn’t too hot outside. I love flat concrete walls and this one was just perfect! White background, nothing on it, ready to rock! Beside the style, I love the simple color combo of this one, which is in a very «summer time» vibe. I also used the unperfect shape of the non painted part of the wall to use it in my fill ins.

  • I rocked this one last summer in Montréal with Fluke, Zek156, OG Slick, Mrs Klor and Aiik.
    What i like about this one is its minimal and graphic approach, just 2 colours for the fill ins and one color to outline everything. It’s hard to describe, but you know when you get this feeling, when you start to outline your piece and you already know it will come up the way you want it? This day was like that and i remember it like if it was yesterday.

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