Since Fixe alias Ques was recently here on a visit we took the opportunity to make a small interview with him.
This Mexican writer from the VRS crew made this his first stop on his European tour and did leave very nice piece behind. The photos from the process comes serves together with this short but interesting interview we made.

the combination of red and blue creates a very strong contrast and makes a reference to what most catches my attention visually.

How is your experience of Europe?

-So far so good! Ive been to Madrid, Barcelona and Paris and they are all amazing! Last year I had the pleasure to travel over to this continent for the first time and I loved it.
Being Mexican makes it very difficult to enter the United States and Mexico is so big its hard to get out of it, and as a graffiti writer this is the most viable option even if it is further away and cost more.

There must be an explanation to why you are making blue and red pieces?

-Ive stuck to this palette for more than a year now, to me they are the most representative colors (cold colors like blue and warm colors like red) and the combination of the two creates a very strong contrast and makes a reference to what most catches my attention visually, all from the displays of electronic devices, leds, the RGB system for monitors to the police lights, all of them creative within my different reactions.

Your style is a mix of many types of elements… pixels, chromatic effects, volume. Is there any theoretic explanation behind it or is it just a boast of technique?

-What I create really tries to reflect my personality, I am a graphic designer, fan of technology and futuristic tendencies, but I am at the same time stuck in the music, art and the fashion of the 80s… It really fascinates me and I try to combine all these elements and convert them into one.

Your artistic works are in harmony with your pieces, as well in style as in colors. What are you trying to say with them?

-I try to create a link between my art and my pieces, and I don’t care if it is a tag, a piece or a large scale mural, I will still try to make the expression say my name without the use of letters.

“Mexico is a country of great talents, we have grown up with many deficiencies (…), we had to learn how to do a lot with very little.”

What do you put value in when you look at pieces not made by yourself? What do you focus on?

-First of all the visual impact it generates, without considering which style it belongs to, and later the details… I always said that “God is in the details”…

We know very few Mexican writers, but the ones we know offer a very high quality graffiti. What are the characteristics of Mexican graffiti compared to other countries?

-Mexico is a country of great talents, we have grown up with many deficiencies in terms of materials to paint with, we had to learn how to do a lot with very little. Everyone knows someone which is extremely good at what they do, but as you said, the world knows just a few.
Mexican graffiti and urban art has very pronounced styles, it is quite cultural and related to its roots and this is what makes it unique, also since every part of the country is very different from each other.

What is the role of the VRS crew on the Mexican scene?

-VRS is a group with a long tradition in mexico,and it is one of the few crews which has managed to stay active after so many years. Every member has managed to become a reference on the national graffiti scene. To talk bout VRS is the same as talking about dedication and quality.

What are the plans for your odyssey in Europe?

-Well, keep painting as much as I can, I still have a long way to go… Antwerp, the festivals “Step in the Arena” and Roskilde in Eindhoven and Denmark, and ill try to paint some walls in Amsterdam and Hamburg to later end my trip in Berlin before going back to Mexico.

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