Earlier this month, Os Gemeos once again left us speechless with a new mural artwork, this time in Stockholm. It was the Pandolfo twins’ first intervention in the Swedish capital; a city that is unaccustomed to this type of happening given its stringent legislation against graffiti and urban art.

Due to this factor, Os Gemeos carried out their task as if it was a great responsibility, both for the significance that it would have for the city, and for their will to express their gratitude for the recepetiveness they felt on behalf of the people during their visit.

This new work presents the best of the unmistakable Os Gemeos style and is emphasized through certain easily recognizable peculiarities. For the first time, the female figure is the overriding element in a depiction that is divided into three different perspectives, defined by the three sizes of the main characters. The brothers’ iconography seems to be at its maximum creative splendor thanks to an abundance of ornamentation that is full of details and allows you to unravel several secondary characters and stories.

No matter where you look, you are lured into new universes. For instance, like the one in the kid’s running shoes. The pattern on the shoes serves as a window into a new dimension in which Os Gemeos is tipping their hat to the style that they were most characterized by in the 90s. This willingness to bring the old into contact with the new is something you can also notice in the toy subway car. Just like they already did in Milan, the subway model used once again becomes the city’s metonymic symbol, and in this case, they used the former green Stockholm metro that was retired from circulation years ago.

The dreamlike and overflowing character of Os Gemeos’ artwork makes it impossible to link them to one specific, explanatory concept. However, on this occasion there is a powerful meaning being represented through the relationship that is processed between the characters. The signs of affection, attention and care, connects the main figures in a composition that speaks of a vital equilibrium motivated by love.

The diffusion of love is the general message in this work that not only opens a door to a fantastical, colorful and affectionate universe. This time, Os Gemeos have opened another important door: one to warm, artistic sensibilities in the cold streets of the city of Stockholm.

Text by Alberto F.


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