Little more than a year has passed since the ninth issue of La Charku was released and this summer they’ve delivered their tenth issue.

Despite having reduced it eight pages in comparison to the previous issue, the publication continues to have a strong consistence thanks to the rounded off number of 100 pages that this time around are dedicated exclusively to graffiti on metal. So, without further ado, let’s see what’s inside…

The first pages run through all types of Spanish trains with no discrepancy: red and orange mirrors, medium distances, “civias“, “reformados“, “Feves“, “camels”, “eusko-trenes” and even TIB’s. All this content is peculiarly divided into day and night photos. 

The first article is presented in the form of a battle between the writers Prick and Boikot. Prick takes the win with two photos on the Madrid metro that are worthy of framing.

The Argentine, Porno14 from 031 crew, took the time to respond in great detail to a handful of questions asked by the editorial staff. Without a doubt, it’s the most dense textual section, and that’s not to say it’s any less interesting, accompanied by photos of his expressive pieces.

After three double page spreads occupied by the UAO crew and their colorful explosions on Italian trains, we arrive to a long section of international trains that begins with a mosaic layout.

The next article speaks about Stive, a Polish writer who’s interested in all types of train models with no discrimination, and he tells us a few anecdotes from exotic cities.

The Barcelona based Bored also takes up a prominent chunk of the magazine with a selection of efficient pieces on interesting train and metro models, and a few personal declarations regarding his view on graffiti.

The issue comes to a halt with an extensive but precise selection of metros, the majority of which are national, with pieces by Rehas and Dlisto being highlights.

So, that’s how La Charku rang in it’s tenth delivery. A round number of pages that manages to consolidate textual content and a balanced vision on national train graffiti. Does anyone miss the walls?

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