Veteran London writer Tizer had a hard time when facing the task of choosing his three favorite pieces, and not really because he is personally proud of most of them, more due to the fact that he is quite critical towards his own productions. But here they are:

“I hate what I paint. But there are things where I’ve felt I’ve learned a lot from pieces.”

  • “This is a scrap can fill with Neist next to me. I liked the sun and the lean on the letters.”

  • “Gold and Purple are regal colours that I’ve always felt would work well together. So I freestyled a massive motorcycle piece, with a hot golden lady who’s in love with the stunt man (me). I put a load of hidden penises pointing towards the woman, which really made me laugh whilst painting it. I really enjoyed painting this one. I was bored at home so I decided to go for a paint.”

  • “Last one I just liked the letters. I was painting next to Ekto and Philth, they both really good. I had to do something half decent.”

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