The “Mataro Hip-Hop Fest” is one of those types of events that faithful hip hop heads and fans of the four element alike love to visit. So, the fact that this is already the fifth edition of this jam is testament to that fan fidelity, and to the fact that each year there are more and more participants.

Jedis, Sega, Hen, Paco, Deso, Hase, Stain and many more writers from Barcelona threw down styles under the sun while breakdancers, dj’s and emcees “painted” the ground and air with their skills. Nina Queral took care of capturing the event’s essence and thanks to her, we’ve got this tantalizing selection of photos for you below.

“Mataró Hip Hop nº 5 has recycled and absorbed the old Spraysound Festival, brining to it the rest of the Hip Hop elements, making it an even bigger spectacle.”

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