It doesn’t seem that long ago when you say 2004, but 13 years is how long Raws has been traveling around. Despite being a writer from Berlin, a city with a cemented stylistic tradition, his style still nourishes from international influences. The people behind Spraydaily has made this wildstyler go through their “Hello My Name Is” to hear his opinions and ideas.

As always we have cut down the report into a selection of the best images and more interesting comments.

I don’t like that there is more and more a separation between the illegal and legal graffiti (…). For me everything belongs together and I have big respect for the hardcore writers.

To make it short: graffiti for me is creativity, friends, traveling, collecting, fun, work and struggle.

I love abstract works by artists like Picasso, Kandinsky, Richter or Lichtenstein.


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