BIP once again stirs the hearts of San Francisco’s inhabitants with a new mural intervention of gigantic proportions. The facade of Alise Hotel is the seven story surface that’s been made available to the tremendous artist. The completed artwork portrays two golden plants that are blooming two human brains, executed with an impressive chrome effect that’s achieved only through the use of MTN 94 colors.

“I have something really special I’ve been practicing this month, I hope you’ll like it.”

Don’t forget to follow this Instagram. On it, he explains in extensive detail about his interventions as well as the ideas that go through his head during each part of the process.

“I wanna talk to you all day, cause you’ve got some golden mind, and it’s dripping gold on me no photoshop, no transparent sprays, just stock spray paint from MTN 94, off the shelf the old school way.”

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