This is not the first time we speak of Chris Chanyang Shim, aka Royyal Dog.

This Korean writer completely flooded social medias during last year, and since then he hasnt stopped.

The flame of fame was lit thanks to his female portraits which are full of beauty and poetry where he in a masterly way uses cultural references through floral details, traditional dresses and messages written in Korean caligraphy, all to highlight the ideals of their own representations.

He is also a big fan of Hip Hop, which can be clearly seen on his Instagram.

In this video, ‘Prettier than flowers’ nevertheless, we get to witness the sweetness and dreaminess which his murals always conveys. This wall is 60 feet high and it’s a part of the  Dongducheon project, at the Gyeonggi Moma in  Seoul.

In the same museum you can visit on line the exhibition ‘Art on the Street’.

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