There are events which really does not make any sense to miss, even if you live close by or if you can travel there to live the experience. It is these types of situations, events, where looking at the photos or following the Instagram live streams, is just not enough.

These are the moments worth being part of, not only because that ‘now’ is all we have, but also because that in many years to come, when ‘now’ will be another, we will feel good looking back on having taken part of that experience, we will have been there to make history.

This year at Back to the Style we are giving you time to organize and plan ahead, so that in a month you can not say you did not know what was coming.  On September 23rd and 24th there is a appointment with style in Naples.  As a appetizer for this years event we bring you a piece made on the classic model of the NYC metro in the TuffCity Shop (New York), made by none other than CES and Yes2 in white, red and black, the colors choice for this year festival.

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