“Connecting Lines” is an exhibition which opened its doors last 3rd of August at the London gallery “Creative Debuts“. The show unites a powerful and large group of urban artists, most of them of French descent, but among them we find the legendary writer and artist Fasim from Barcelona.

He himself wanted us to get updated on this event through his own words, and explain his participation in it. Of course it comes published together with a large amount of pictures, all of them as good as the other.

“The group exhibition was organized by Jean Claude Geraud and the french agency ‘City of Talents’ where about 45 different artists has invaded the British art scene. They have filled this one of the most recent exhibition spaces in the area with artworks, the space which is located at the Black and White Building in Shoreditch, the vibrant neighborhood in the area of Hackney in London.

This time the agency “City of Talents” asked me to present a large format piece for the entrance of the even together with two additional smaller sized works.

I presented a large scale triptych where all parts measured 210 x 100 cm, this being the largest work I ever made on paper. The other two holds a more humble size at 50 x 70cm. All the works is part of a series of paintings which I have been creating below the theme of our mediterranean origins.

The show can be visited from the 3rd of August until the 3rd of September, and at the opening all the visitors could enjoy free drinks and free pizza.

The show features the following artists :  Does, Pro176, Kan, Zest, Fasim, Vilx, Sckaro, Lenz, Soone, Brok, Der, Siker, Tober, Chazme718, Pener, Sven, Bust The Drip, Romain, Froquet, Theo Lopez, Superstop, Guato Mao, Jo di bona, Azek, Zalez, Joachim Romain, Pau, Berthetone, Sangre88, CF88, Sismikazot, Padre, Gilen, Lanik, Laeti Kitegi, Ma2j, Spx, Nikko Kko, Emyr and Xer.

The connection between France and England has been established in this show which with no doubt will not be last show at “City of Talents” in London.”

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