Sketches are an important element within Raws‘ graffiti practice. We tricked the Berliner into doing our “The Ritual of Sketching” section to get a little closer to the process he uses when testing out letters on paper.

When I decide to do a sketch, I first put on some hip hop music, arrange my work space and grab a heavy sheet of paper (it’s better for a nice smooth fill-in). After that I start to sketch up the piece with a pencil. Then I use a very thin marker to do the first outlines and go around them with a thicker one. After erasing the pencil lines with an eraser, I take some alcohol-based markers and do the fill-in. I massage the ink into the paper to get a uniform look without any areas where the color doesn’t cover.

Then, I do some shadows here and some bubbles there to get that layer-look. In the end, I put some little details on the style like some drips, lines or stuff like that. I finish the sketch with a tag, take a photo for Instagram and Facebook, clean my desk and go back to the beach.

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