The legendary New York writer Ces also has his three favorite pieces. Up next he explains each one for us.

  • “This “Wish” piece is one of my personal favorites for several reasons.
    One – it’s on a train- in service. This train was one of six I had painted during a trip overseas. It was the last one I had painted before heading back home so I really tried to make it count. It was a special night for me. I was celebrating an anniversary of personal achievements. Time was limited in the yard this night so I worked very fast and as you know it was in the dark so using such colors was a bit difficult but I had done a similar combination earlier and felt strong enough that I could pull it off. I was very happy when I saw it pull into the station the following day to get my photos.”

  • “This particular piece is also one of my favorites. It is based on the technical advancements of NOC 167-A well documented style master from the 70s in New York City. For me it was interesting to step out of my comfort zone and paint something reminiscent of another classic writer.”

  • “This piece is nothing special as far as the lettering however what I found interesting in the process of this was taking all of my scrap cans and just filling it in like a maniac, never outlining, just staying within the general shape of the piece. The end result is what makes it one of my favorite pieces. It’s so vibrant and out of control yet controlled at the same time.”

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