Jace, a Madrid classic, has now been added to the list of writers who reveal their three favorite pieces. See them for yourself below, each with their corresponding explanations.

  • At my top 1 spot I have a wine colored piece with a lemon yellow outline although it looks more like cream. It’s one of my favorites because of its readability and letter movement, aside from how the colors are blended. It’s the typical piece where the colors were chosen randomly but later, when you start to mix them up, you know they’re going to come out nice. I also had a really good time painting that day with my friends and a barbecue to top it off… a good piece for a perfect day.

  • This piece is all freehand, without a sketch.. sometimes I like to paint like that because the feeling during the process is more fun.
    I like how the letter balance and mix of different colored outlines turned out…
    I also like the wild, electronic vibe it has.
    An improvised piece that fits in well to my number 2 spot.

  • I like this piece a lot because it uses colors I don’t usually use… I had fun mixing them. I like how the olive tones turned out with the black and white, and the details in Madrid Red that I always use because it’s one of my favorite colors. A big piece with good colors for my top 3 position.

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