Dune from Barcelona was recently interviewed by the blog Graffaddict. Sincere answers to short questions introduce you briefly to this writer’s beginnings and motivations, while she shows us some of her latest walls marked out with her four letters. So, up next we’ll accompany a selection of her pieces together with some of her endearing quotes.

“My father, may he rest in peace, loved science fiction. He had thousands of books by Isaac Asimov, and Ray Bradbury.. among them there was one called Dune, and I thought it was beautiful. So I took it.”

“I also remember the first can I bought. Erika Pink from the first Hardcore range.”

“Unfortunately it isn’t a scene where goodness is abundant and over the years you begin to learn where to go, who you should hang out with and who you shouldn’t.”

“I think this past year was the year that I’ve drawn most in my life. I had to draw in order to keep myself afloat.”

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