It’s quite a sight when graffiti virtuosos come together on the same wall, and even more so if the craftsmens’ styles meld together perfectly. That’s what happened last week in Valencia when Emak‘s visit coincided with Fasim‘s birthday. Of course, Derk and Pro176 were down to take part in another friendly competition of masterful graffiti. Fasim himself explains…

Last week we met in Valencia to paint a new mural in Tavernes for two reasons; the first was because Emak had come from Barcelona to paint in a festival and was going to stay a few extra days to paint a mural with us. The other reason was that it was my birthday and all of a sudden I was presented with a magnificent gift; to celebrate my birthday while painting with some proper burner writers, and I knew that they would surely give it their all during the two days that we had proposed to paint. We planned to meet at Tavernes, an XL sized Hall of Fame that both sessions fully deserved, since we’d be doing some “first-class” burning, as they say in Valencia.

This time the lineup was as follows; Pro176 started, Emak followed in the guest of honor spot, after that was me, and Derk completed the roll call.

After stocking up abundantly, we stopped at a typical Valencian takeaway food spot and bought paella, fideua, arros del senyoret, chicken and homemade potatoes and macaroni. It was all delicious. We had cool drinks in a fridge and brought all the full gear which unimaginably, fit into Emak’s car: two ladders, a shopping cart full of cans, backpacks full of cans, roll paint and a roller extension. We were fully loaded and prepared for another style war which is what we do best. We were going to give it our all in another surprise ambush and hunt once again.

Pro announces that he has a new idea in mind that he wants to start developing on this wall. It comes from his painting series that have elongated pieces in the middle. Emak brought a very prepared color sketch that was really impressive. He integrated a wizard character inside the piece amongst flashes of light. I had a sketch of a piece with a background of buildings from the neighborhood in Barcelona where I lived as a kid and where I began to paint in the street; Trinidad Nueva. Derk had a lot of ideas on a myriad of sheets that in the end turned out being a piece with explosive lightening surrounded by characters in his particular style.

The weather turned out nice for a couple days in late summer and it was still really hot, but we were painting in the shade so you know the deal… FRESHHHH.

The finished wall was a new hit in Valencia. It was pure style and I’m really happy with this amazing gift that chance and good fortune brought for me.



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