If you thought that all the pieces we showed you from Back to the Style last Thursday was everything that had been painted by the participants, then you were very wrong. Here comes Part 2; a bunch more of productions that were painted in context with the festival and this time they’re accompanied by an interview with one of the guests of honor: the Puerto Rican, Defy.

“Back to the Style is givin’ a good message on what the essence of graffiti is and I think it’s important for the people to witness this.”

“Puerto Rico… they’re going through a very tough time right now. We just had the worst hurricane to ever pass through our island and the situation is bad.”

“I’ve setup a gofundme page on my instagram account there’s a ilk where you can go and donate any amount money to help the charities back home that are dealing with helping the small communities, the people who has lost everything. Any amount helps.”

“I think graffiti is the portal for me to exploring the cities and new countries but definitely the best part for me is experiencing the city, learning about the culture, learning about the history and really you know tryna make myself at home in each different city I visit.”

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