During the last nine years the All City Tivoli Jam has turned into a inescapable meeting for the writers in the Irish capital. In the beginning of October this year they celebrated a full decade of the festival and this time the event invited over 40 writers from all corners of the country like Derry, Belfast, Drogheda, Cork and Limerick. Among the artists they also had international names like Harry Bones and Musa71, both from Barcelona.

It is not easy to resume the experience which from Friday to Sunday was held at the Tivoli area in just words. This is why these images and numbers might serve to make you get an idea of what the festival was all about. More than 600 cans, 150 liters of emulsion, 4 skylifts and more than 500 spectators which came to enjoy the good weather for a fun and creative weekend.

More photos and videos at All City Graffiti Store.

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